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Informal Assessment

Do you think you may be dyslexic?

Dyslexia, dyspraxia, AD(H)D, dyscalculia and visual sensitivity all give rise to specific learning difficulties not related to general intelligence. These learning differences may include great strengths, but the difficulties can make survival hard work in contexts where written words rule: the environment turns a difference into a disability.

Many students don’t understand what lies behind the difficulties they have with study (for example, structuring written work, notetaking in lectures, coping with reading). They think it is ‘just me’. For some students, the greater demands of study at university challenge their coping strategies leading to frustration and anxiety.  

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Come for an informal screening assessment

We give preliminary screening assessments to students (and staff) who are wondering if their difficulties are associated with a learning difference such as dyslexia / dyspraxia etc.

A screening assessment is very informal; it is free of charge to Bangor students and staff and usually lasts about an hour and a half; we talk to you about your early background and your experiences of learning in the past and present. There are a few short tests.

We will give you immediate advice and tell you whether we think you should go on to have a more formal assessment with the Centre’s Assessment Service, which provides full assessments.  We can help you to arrange this.

If you are a Bangor University student, the university’s Hardship Fund  may be able to help meet  the cost of a formal assessment.

For Student Enquiries please contact the General Office on Tel: 01248 383620 or by email

Would you like to have a screening assessment?

To arrange an appointment, come in, or phone 01248 383620, or email dyslex-student@bangor.ac.uk